Course curriculum

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    Funnels and Email Sequences

    • Funnels and Email Drip Sequences: Instant Access

    • How to edit the workflows - Tax Advisor

    • How to edit the Tax FAQs funnel

    • How to edit the Tax Services funnel

    • How to edit the Referral Funnel

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    Slide Deck Presentations

    • Create Tax Advantaged Retirement Income You Cant Outlive

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    Action Guides

    • Tax Credits And Deductions To Save You Money

    • Beware Of Tax Penalties Before Giving Family Large Gifts

    • 5 Steps To Getting A Tax Break When Donating Your Timeshare

    • Investing Making Your Dollars Work For You Taxes And Investing

    • Tax Breaks For Homeowners

    • Get The Facts Compare Tax Advantaged Investments

    • Giving Money Or Property Away How To Get Maximum Tax Deductions For Gifting

    • Charitable Donations And Taxes

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    • Little Known Tax Secrets For The Self Employed

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    • Checklist Of Tax Deductible Expenses For The Self Employed

  • 7


    • Create Tax Advantaged Retirement Income You Cant Outlive Worksheet

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    • Preparing For Early Retirement Tax Implications Of Your Money Making Hobby

    • Income Tax Requirements When Living Out Of The Country

    • Deduct Your Childs Allowance Tax Advantages Of Owning A Small Business

    • End Of Year Tax Strategies For Small Businesses

    • Leaving Your 401k To Charity

    • Give Living Inheritances To Your Kids With Tax Free Techniques

    • Tax Tips For Homeowners

    • Sorting Out Your Tax Documents Pitch Or Keep

    • Decorate Your Tax Return With These Red Flags And Get Audited

    • 7 Effective Strategies To Reduce Estate Taxes

    • Year End Tax Planning For Individuals

    • Taxes And Your Inheritance

    • A Quick Guide To Tax Considerations For Married Couples

    • Last Minute Tax Strategies That Can Save You Money

    • Give Yourself A Tax Break By Harvesting Your Losses

    • Plan Ahead To Take The Stress Out Of Tax Day

    • Should You File Your Taxes Early

    • 8 Tax Saving Tips For Small Businesses

    • How To Survive An Irs Audit

    • 529 Plans Send Your Kids To College And Save A Ton On Taxes

    • Tax Benefits Of Caring For Adults

    • 8 Tax Tips For Your Charitable Donations