Insurance Super Agent

By Alex Branning

Hi, my name is Alex Branning, author of Insurance Super Agent. You're about to discover the secret of how to become your own lead aggregate and get new online leads daily. We've written a book, "The Insurance Super Agent" for you that explains how to become the insurance agent your ideal customers flock to, stick to and tell their friends about. You'll get the book called the "Ultimate Guide to Online Marketing" and the guide to "never-ending referrals and lifelong customers".


These bonuses are included for free when you purchase my book!

  • VIDEO DOMINO: You get my video marketing guide you can use right away, the "Video Domino".

  • PROFILE FUNNEL: You will learn how to setup your Facebook Profile to funnel leads into a conversation.

  • CHATBOT GUIDE: You get unlimited access to my basic chatbot guide (with video tutorials).

  • FREE CALL: Schedule a free consultation call with one of our Insurance Marketing experts to help you work on a plan that meets your needs, fits your budget & gets you immediate results.

  • AUDIO VERSION: You can instantly download of the audio version of the e-book.

  • WENDY WEISS: Video Training: How to Break Through the Resistance Wall to Engage with Your Most Profitable Prospects

  • BOB BLY: The Silver Rule of Marketing: Why It is Better to Get Prospects to Come to You Instead of You Going to Them and How to Make it Work

  • TOM HOPKINS: Prospecting in Your Own Backyard: Using Your Network, Customer Base and Lead Swaps to Build Your Business