Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course!

    • Welcome from Terilee

    • Welcome from Alex

    • Need Help? Submit A Support Ticket

  • 2

    Resources / Next Steps

    • Start Here

  • 3

    How to consistently create online content (planning, software, etc)

    • How to Consistently Create Content

  • 4

    Podcasting (topic ideas, software, goals)

    • All About Podcasting

    • How to Create Podcast Content

  • 5

    Livestreaming (topic ideas, software, goals)

    • All About Livestreaming

    • How to Create Livestreaming Content

  • 6

    LinkedIn (posts, articles, and how to position yourself)

    • All About LinkedIn

    • How to Create LinkedIn Content

  • 7

    YouTube (topic ideas, tips on shooting videos, how to get it seen)

    • All About YouTube

    • How to Create YouTube Content

    • Filming 101 (BONUS VIDEO)

  • 8

    TikTok & Instagram Reels (have fun, use your phone, show your "lighthearted side")

    • All About Reels

    • How to Create TikTok and Reels Content

  • 9

    Facebook (post regularly, get engagement, start a group)

    • All About Facebook (Groups)

    • How to Create Facebook Content

  • 10

    Twitter (short form written content, great to post links to your content, software to use)

    • All About Twitter

    • How to Create Twitter Content

  • 11

    Shortcuts to Publishing Regularly (Planning Methods, Software to Use)

    • Shortcuts to Post Regularly

  • 12

    Advanced Methods: Syndication of Content (in this chapter show what content types can be posted on what platforms)

    • Advanced Methods: Syndication of Content

  • 13

    Social Media Setup Guide

    • Social Media Setup Guide