Course curriculum

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    Different Strategies

    • Why Personal Branding Is Important

    • Generating leads throughout Open Enrollment

    • Referral Marketing

    • Recruiting Made Easy

    • Selling Life Insurance on Facebook and Instagram

    • How to Generate Annuity Leads

    • How to Generate High Intent Insurance Leads From Facebook

    • How to Generate a High Volume of Leads from Social Media

    • How to Generate Retirement Planning Leads from Social Media

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    Next Steps

    • Facebook Ad Kit Bundle - Copy and Paste My Best Facebook Ads

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THE FASTEST WAY to go from 


1 Hour From Getting Course to a Live Facebook Ad Using Our Proven Ads!

Hi, my name is Alex Branning and welcome to Facebook Ads Fast Track!

You're about to discover the secret of how to become your own lead aggregate and get new online leads daily from Facebook and Instagram.

There’s never been a better time to start generating your own leads than RIGHT NOW!

If you’re tired of being stuck on the hamster wheel of buying leads, and want to learn how you can generate exclusive leads that know who you are and are expecting your call, then grab my comprehensive training course. This course will fully prepare you to launch your own ads for ANY type of insurance product!


Each Ad Kit includes our images, text, targeting recommendations,videos onhow to launch the ads,& training onhow to integrate with Agent CRM!


We're including our Top Performing Ad Images for Medicare, Life Insurance, Final Expense, Health Insurance, Auto Insurance, and Recruitment.

You'll never second guess whether your images will work or not. Our images convert!


Detailed and easy-to-follow video instructions on targeting your ideal customers. We break down the steps for you in a non-intimidating way.

Your ads will show up to the right people!


We're also including.several different variations of high converting Ad Text.All you have to do is copy and paste.

Our professional copywriters have done all the work for you!


  • In the very first training module, we walk you through launching your first ad using the copy-paste assets in our ad kits! Module 1
  • NEW:How the iOS 14 update changed Facebook Ads forever, and our secret sauce for using the change to MASSIVELY BENEFIT your own ads! Module 2
  • An overview of the Facebook Ads Manager, or as we call it,“The Magic Toolbox.” Module 3
  • Our answer to the common question,“How much should I budget for my ad campaigns”(With examples, math equations to help you remain profitable, and more!) Module 4
  • How to get hyper-focused on who your target customer is and where to find them– this training is modeled by many of the leading insurance marketing experts, you can get the knowledge for yourself! Module 5
  • Watch an over-the-shoulder demonstration as we launch the ad campaignand tweak our campaign to get better-and-better results!Module 6

...and that's all just the first half of the course!

How to setup your Facebook Page. It might sound simple... but there's a right way and a wrong way. We'll reveal the industry secrets to get the MOST out of your Facebook Page!

Upload your Customer File and Use Facebook’s Engine to Connect You to Like-Minded People in Your Area (in other words, how to tell Facebook which people are actually buying from you!)

DANGER! Your ads were rejected or ad account disabled! Don't fear, we'll show you what to do to get your ads up and running again quickly!

Canva Course - Our course will empower you to create your own images, social media graphics, logos, and (MUCH) more using one of our favorite free online tools!

A prospect clicked on your ad or went to your landing page... but didn't fill out your form or book a call... Our Retargeting Mastery we'll show you how to retarget these prospects until they take action!

Zapier Tutorial - Zapier allows you to connect and automate your lead flow with your CRM and other apps or software! Our tutorial will help you get your zaps set up lightning fast!


🚫We Want To Eliminate ALL The Guesswork, So You Can Focus On Closing As Many Deals As Possible.

We're including OUR MOST POPULAR Insurance ads that we've created for our own clients (These ads have been updated in the last 30 Days!)

Here Are All The Ad Kits We Are Including:







Text, Images, & Targeting Recommendations 
Included For Each Insurance Product

High Level Strategy Sessions Included

Today, Alex is widely considered one of the leading high performance marketing coaches the country. He has revolutionized the insurance and real estate marketing sector with his "Giveaway Funnel" strategy,and his trainings have been consumed by entrepreneurs worldwide.

Alex’s books include How to Grow Your Business on Pinterestand Insurance Super Agent.He is followed by tens of thousands of entrepreneurs on Instagram and Facebook, his podcast has been rated as a top business podcast and his YouTube videos have been watched over 200,000 times.

He lives in Redding, CA with his wife Kathy, his daughter Ali and their two bichon frise dogs.


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